Twitter’s 4,900 Employees To Work from Home

Twitter has mandated that its employees to work from home until further notice, in order to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Twitter had already โ€œstrongly encouragedโ€ employees to do so in an announcement early last week, but is now making the directive mandatory across the world.

The social media giant will continue to pay contractors, hourly workers, and vendors for standard working hours if theyโ€™re unable to perform their duties at home. The company will also be providing reimbursement for home office setup expenses, as well as for parents who may have to pay additional daycare costs.

Tech companies including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have issued similar guidance to employees in various regions, but Twitterโ€™s order to its entire 4,900-strong global workforce is one of the strongest yet amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.