Unbwogable Hit Song Musician Maji Maji the Man Behind Raila’s 77th Birthday Party

Unbwogable Hit Song Musician Maji Maji the Man Behind Raila’s 77th Birthday Party

In 2002 Maji Maji teams up with Gidi Gidi to release a popular song Unbwogable that moved to occupy centre-stage in the political arena of Kenya’s December 2002 general election.

The song was also adopted as an anthem for Mwai Kibaki‘s victorious presidential election campaign, whose party used their favorite song “Unbwogable” as their political anthem.

Twenty years later Julius Owino aka Maji Maji is at it again with a symbolic cake to mark Raila’s stab at the 2022 presidency as the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga celebrated his 77th birthday in style and usher in Kenya’s third liberation struggle.

Maji Maji made it a youth affair by mobilizing the youth to stand with Raila fondly referred to as Baba in organizing and celebrating the auspicious occasion.

The uniqueness of the event is that Raila’s birthday just like national celebrations was celebrated countrywide with a cake being cut in each of Kenya’s 47 counties and in Diaspora simultaneously.

“Your birthday is coming soon on January 7th, 2022, and I want to surprise you with a birthday cake that cuts across the country. The other guy who organized your last birthday joked with it considering this will be your last before you are sworn in as Kenya’s next president,” Maji Maji said to Raila on December 25th, 2021 at a social place called Kings in Bondo.

The idea which communicated casually to Raila turned out to be a big deal which bore a historic moment.

After getting the nod from the former premier, Maji Maji swung into action and then drafted a concept which he wanted it to be unique bearing in mind the logistical challenges of cutting the cake across all the counties.

Then secured youth networks in all the 47 counties so that it does not seem to an ODM party affair but a youth agenda for Raila.

Maji Maji mobilized the youth under the Azimio Young Turks as umbrella lobby group of young emerging leaders with a common goal.

“All counties were activated including political hostile counties young ordinary people cut the cake used their money, mobilesed themselves, all that I was to do was to deliver a template on cake design , brand colours, promo colours and preferred venue,” said Maji Maji.

To join Maji Maji on board were Jaoko Oburu chairman of Young Turks Alliance, national coordinator Jeremy Onyango, Jaki Juma and the ODM national youth coordinator and Upper Savannah Member of County Assembly (MCA) Stazo Omung’ala.

Others were young aspirants eyeing political posts during the forthcoming general elections and they included are Maji Maji himself who is targeting Seme parliamentary seat, comedian and Radio host Jalang’o (Lang’ata), Kamkunji 001 Donness Maureen Arua (Kamkunji), The Don’s Swaleh, Mulinge (Embakasi South), Kenneth Othat Odhiambo aka Odhis, Yobra Brian (Imara Daima ward), Fidel Castro and Isaka Dominic.

Westlands Member of Parlaiment (MP) Tim Wanyonyi who is now eyeing Nairobi gubernatorial seat also came on board and chipped in.

The cake was cut at exactly 11:47am according to Maji Maji’s idea where 47 signified the country’s 47 counties and in the United States of America (USA).

One was cut and shared in the streets of Nairobi and the main five Decker cake donated by Jalang’o  at the Bomas of Kenya which was the main venue of the birthday celebration where Raila hosted his visitors.

The birthday cakes were cut to celebrate Raila’s day of birth in the United States of America (USA) in Wahington DC, Seatle, Ohio, Atlanta and Dallas.

Interestingly, the cake had five layers, with the top most bearing Raila’s image on top, and the words ‘2022 and beyond’ on the side.

The Kenyaonlinews.com  has established that the cake was not just the usual cake, and every layer had a special meaning behind it.

Now, Raila is seeking to become the fifth President of Kenya in the August 9, General Election. If elected, this will make him the first President from outside Central Kenya and the Rift Valley regions.

The first layer of the cake was labeled 1964 – 1978 symbolising the time the founding father of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta led the country.

Jomo Kenyatta died in his sleep in 1978, paving way for Daniel Arap Moi who was the Vice President at the time to act as President for three months before an election was held, which he won to become the country’s second president.

His tenure was labeled on the second layer of the cake, 1978 – 2002. Moi ruled for 24 years before he retired.

The third layer was written 2002 – 2013 indicating the tenure of retired President Mwai Kibaki, who completed his two terms.

The fourth layer, 2013 – 2022 indicated the tenure of President Uhuru Kenyatta that ends in August 2022.

The topmost layer which also had Raila’s image, symbolised his tenure as the fifth President of Kenya, if elected on August 9.

The layer was labeled 2022 and beyond to show that he is the incoming president beginning 2022.

The Kenyan Constitution only allows a president to serve for two terms and retire.

Other than the symbolic cake, Raila’s birthday was also celebrated across the counties with several cutting cakes in public.

The cakes were labeled ‘Raila the 5th’.

“By Raila sharing the cake he was sharing narrative of the second liberation struggle and passed on that energy of motivation to the third generation struggle that’s where we are,” said Maji Maji.

He said the occasion met all objectives Young people got audience and a chance to talk to him for motivation.

Maji Maji said the youth’s dreams and aspirations are with a Raila presidency and will ensure under the Azimio Young Turks will mobilize young people to support the opposition chief to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta as Kenya’s president.