We are asking Raila to consider weed legalization for medicinal ourposes

We are asking Raila to consider weed legalization for medicinal ourposes

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Jubilee Party Vice-Chairman David Murathe has said there are thoughts of having the Azimio coalition party adopt Marijuana trade reforms that have recently been publicised by Roots Partly leader Prof. George Wajackoyah.

According to Murathe, there is a need to interrogate Wajackoyah’s Marijuana reforms seriously, since the plant is benefiting other countries that are growing it for medicinal purposes.

“It is not your normal weed. This is medicinal… You are not telling us to grow weed in Galana or Mwea instead of food security, I like it in theory,” he said.

Murathe added that they are now asking Azimio candidate Raila Odinga to consider the reform because it can be of great economic benefit to Kenya.

“We are asking him to consider in the next dispensation… for medicinal purposes because the numbers Wajackoyah is giving are making sense,” said Murathe.

With the recent poll by TIFA placing the Roots Party leader third in the presidential race, Murathe says the ‘Wajackoyah effect’ does not worry them.

Instead, he says Wajackoyah’s rise is problematic to William Ruto’s camp since both their manifestos appeal to the same generation – youngsters.

“Who is he hurting, he is definitely not hurting out corner. If Wajackoyah was to change any dynamic… it is the deputy president’s corner that should be very worried,” he said on AM Live.

Murathe noted that the Wajackoyah fuss is not one to be underlooked since it will translate to a number of votes.

Murathe further dismissed the possibility of the Wajackoyah factor denying Azimio a win in the first round of the General Election.

The Roots Party leader has in recent days established a huge political fanbase for his promises on the legalisation of bhang and snake farming in Kenya if he wins the elections.

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