What to do after using ATM don’t risk

Anytime you use your ATM card there are several things you should never forget to do. Sometimes simple mistakes can cost you a lot if you are not so careful.

An ATM machine is used by so many people in a single day. Times like now when the country is struggling with Corona virus pandemic it is important to make sure you always take necessary precautions to be safe.

Anytime you use an ATM machine make sure you wash your hands using running water or sanitize using artificial sanitizers. Remember that the same buttons you are using in that machine, were still used by someone else. This makes it so easy to contract the virus.

It is very important you always keep yourself and your family safe. Remember that once you get infected with this virus it is very easy for you to spread it to your family.

Secondly make sure you always expose your ATM receipt so well. So many people have a behavior of not even picking the receipt from the ATM or disposing it by throwing it just on the way.

You should always note that not every person has good intentions. Sometimes your bank receipt can get you in trouble.

If you withdraw money from an ATM and then you dispose the receipt on the streets it can get into the wrong hands.

Some robbers are always searching for some evidences to cover their tracks. So they may just pick your receipt and then drop the it near a crime scene. Once the investigation of the crime or robbery starts, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

You may need to explain how your bank receipt got there. Sometime we make simple mistakes without realizing it. It is important to make sure you dispose that receipt so well to avoid a lot of trouble that may be planed by evil people.