“You are Taking Kenyan Youths for a Ride,” Youth Leader Fingers at DP Ruto

“You are Taking Kenyan Youths for a Ride,” Youth Leader Fingers at DP Ruto

“Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto is joking around with lives of the Kenyan youth,” the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Youth Coordinator Stazo Omungala told off the DP.

Stazo wondered how Ruto purport to bring a foreign investor in the country assists him to secure a loan from a Kenyan bank to invest in Uganda and yet the DP has invested in the Kenyan youth through provision of wheelbarrows.

Stazo stated: “How can a foreigner who is an “investor “(Harun Aydin) travel to a country to invest without any Capital, then asks the Deputy president of the same county to help him secure a loan from a local Bank (like DP Ruto did) so that he can invest in Uganda (Not Kenya) while in Kenya youths are being directed to wheelbarrow notion ?

Stazo who is the Upper Savannah ward Member of County Assembly (MCA) and Nairobi’s Public Investments Committee chairman questioned Ruto’s sincerity if he cannot push for an investor in investing in Kenya a move that will create several employment opportunities for the youth to cushion unemployment but opts to do it in another country.

“Why should the Kenyan youth be subjected to being dished out with wheelbarrow donations instead of being offered meaningful employment and opportunities by wooing investors into the country invest through the setting up of industries,” questioned Stazo.