Former Harambee Stars tacticians Jacob Ghost Mulee and Zedekia Zico Otieno are strongly against a FIFA ban for Kenya that might result from the appointment of the caretaker committee formed by CS Amina Mohammed to run football affairs.

Premier League coach Zico is saddened that Kenyans are being too casual about the possible FIFA ban.
“This situation needs a lot of wise thought like how Solomon solved the case of the two men and the baby in the bible. People who are celebrating or welcoming the FIFA ban are not directly involved in football. Look at coaches, referees, players-none of them is for the ban. “

Ghost Mulee agrees that Kenya has a lot to lose.
“I am perturbed because when government interferes a ban is what follows and the truth is while football has many stakeholders it is the players that will suffer the most. No player will be able to leave the country and those who are abroad won’t be able to move clubs,” Ghost said.

Zico says the list is bigger than players
“Coaches and referees will suffer a lot. Kenyan referees have the quality to officiate international matches, they will be locked out, coaches like myself cannot work outside the country. We have coaches in class, they will have to stop. “

Ghost says the ban will ruin Kenya’s international commitments.
“Gor Mahia and Tusker are waiting to play international matches next week. The Harambee Starlets are about to qualify for the African Women’s Cup of Nations. We will lose of all these opportunities. “

The composition of the caretaker committee appointed by the CS is also a big worry for Mulee.
“Football has been disrespected, some of the people in the caretaker committee don’t have a clue about football; and football is a profession. I have never seen a doctors’ problem being solved by a carpenter.”

The caretaker Committee appointed by the CS includes former Rugby administrators Mwangi Muthee and Richard Omwela; and is chaired by Aaron Ringera a Judge. It also includes a Retired General, civil servants and a former KFF Vice President in Titus Kasuve.
“Do they understand FIFA, the intricacies of Kenyan football? Can they run a league?

Ghost is also worried about the direction of football in the country and the possibility of a FIFA ban on Kenya.